Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thank you!

What a success! I know I speak on everyone's behalf when I say a big THANKS for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet some fellow colleagues and share a bit of yourselves with the group.

I think this is something that would be fun to continue, perhaps once a quarter or so? Let me know your thoughts.

And here is our group photo... we all obviously could have done a lot better, but it's not terrible considering it's a point & shoot taken by our great waiter (who knew mostly all of our names by the end of our lunch. I knew those nametags were a good idea!).


Oh, dear. It figures that we'd get hit with a snowstorm after months of diligently planning this lunch! I've already heard from a few women who can't get to us today because of weather or sick children. Please call or email to let me know if you won't be able to attend so I can let the restaurant know asap. Thanks!