Tuesday, September 15, 2009

do 1 Thing

Take a peek at what MWWP Alex Daley Clark has been up to:

Hi fellow photogs-
I wanted to let you know about an event happening Salt's gallery Thursday Sept 17th starting at 7pm. It is not wedding related, but definitely photography related.

Last winter, I was the Director of Photography for a project called www.Do1Thing.org. The goal of Do1Thing was to utilize the talent's of some of our country's best photographers and photojournalists to shed light on the issue of teen and young adult homelessness, especially in how it relates to those that 'age out' of foster care.

We currently have an exhibit up at Salt featuring the work of Martin Schoeller, Ron Haviv/VII, Judy DeHaas, Dan Dry, Carol Guzy, Stephanie Sinclair/VII, Larry Price, and many more! Many Pulitzer Prize winners were involved and their work is represented, they all donated their time and talents to the project.

While I was so proud to have the first show of the work at Salt, I was dismayed that Maine was not represented, so I've been working on a multi-media piece on a young woman named Lulu who is currently experiencing homelessness in Portland. There are currently 240 children between the ages of 14 and 20 being helped by the Preble Street Teen Center. Many of them sleep outside every night. Here is a rough preview of the piece: http://vimeo.com/6478634

I would love to see everyone from the Maine photo community there to support this issue and event. My subject, Lulu, and other kids being served by the Teen Center will be there. If you'd like to bring a small item to donate it will go directly to the kids, here are some things they need:

- new underwear (especially for females)
- towels
- feminine hygiene products
- art supplies
- razors (double blade) and shaving cream
- deodorant
- hotel sized shampoos, etc.
- socks, warm socks, big sizes too
- winter clothes, hats, gloves, etc.
- big winter jackets for layering under
- individual food portions, i.e. juice boxes, snack packs, bags of chips, etc.
- maternity clothes
- baby stuff
- xl and xxl sized clothes and shoes size 11 and up

Please let me know if you'll be joining us or if you have questions!

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